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exCHANGE introduces students to the basic tools and terms of dance through activities that cultivate curiosity, creative problem solving, communication, teamwork, trust, and respect. Students explore the same concepts that GroundWorks dancers and guest artists are using to create brief studies. Multiple schools then have a shared presentation experience with the company dancers, gaining insights into dance creation, performance, and production. No prior experience or dance training is necessary for students to fully participate in the exCHANGE program. Since 2003, GroundWorks has engaged over 6,000 students in Cleveland and Akron through exCHANGE.

"I'm so pleased with this impact! Our students, staff and administrators were very well prepared for the event and as a result were able to access and experience all aspects of the creative process through the exCHANGE. Students made connections to the GroundWorks teaching artists immediately, and that engagement carried them through the rehearsal, performance/sharing, and then viewing processes seamlessly."

- Kelly Berick, Dance Coordinator/Educator, Lorain City Schools

Bring exCHANGE to your school.
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