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President, Impressia Bank

Dancing with Matthew Saggiomo

  • Mary Kate Loftus is the President of Impressia Bank, a new, full-service banking division of CNB Bank, the same parent company as Bank on Buffalo. The Bank is dedicated to the professional and financial development and advancement of women business owners and leaders.

    Mary Kate served in leadership positions at Fortune 500 financial institutions since 1999, with responsibility for transformational change, strategy, and customer engagement through Digital Banking, Branch Management, and Contact Centers. Among her career achievements, Mary Kate was identified by Forbes as one of “6 Women Changing the Face of Leadership in Banking and Finance”.

    A Buffalo native, Mary Kate is deeply committed to the growth and prosperity of local communities. She actively participates in initiatives that promote financial literacy and economic empowerment for women, including her roles as Co-Chair of Women United Advisory Board, a leadership society of the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, and as a committee member for the WNY Women’s Foundation.

    In her role as President of Impressia Bank, Ms. Loftus is responsible for customer experience, strategy, and operations.

    Mary Kate has been dreaming of a day like this since dancing in The Nutcracker with the Empire State Ballet in Buffalo, New York!

  • Why did you become an It Takes Two! celebrity dancer?

    Suzanne Hamilton introduced me to this amazing organization.  ERIEBANK and Impressia Bank are divisions of the same parent company, CNB Financial. I am following a line of “bankers” and am proud to join!  I love an adventure and a worthy cause. I’ve had a great time taking risks for worthy causes including an Urban Rapel down a skyscraper in Buffalo in 2021 to benefit the United Way

    How has it been working with your GroundWorks dance partner?

    Delightful – Matthew has been helpful teaching me technique, and is making this a collaborative experience

    What has surprised you about the creative process?

    How open and unstructured it is. We can go any direction we want.

    What about dance in general connects with you?

    How quickly you can raise your vibe and connect with others while dancing.

    Why should people vote for you?

    I lead one of the few financial organizations in the country dedicated to the financial and professional development of women. By voting for me, you are giving your stamp of approval to the important work that we are doing right here in Cleveland and will help us get the word out about Impressia Bank.  We appreciate your support!

  • Favorite TV Show or Movie: Currently enjoying The New Look on Apple TV and our family never misses an episode of Survivor

    Favorite Book or Author: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

    Favorite genre of music:  Many genres including U2, Bruce Springsteen and the Tragically Hip

    Favorite dessert:  Summertime Perry’s Ice Cream Cone

    Name one thing on your bucket list: Visit to Hawaii

    As a child, I wanted to be a: Newspaper Reporter

    When I am not working, I like to: Golf in the summer, and ski in the winter. Always with my kids watching their sports and activities.

  • Molly age 14, Kevin age 12 and Diggs our dog

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