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Choreographed by
David Shimotakahara

The inspiration and the title for Abide came out of a podcast conversation between acclaimed journalist Ezra Klein and author George Saunders. What began loosely as observations from Saunders about his writing and creative process became a fascinating exchange between these two expansive thinkers. For me, some key questions and ideas emerged. In a world where information and ideas are constantly being imposed on us and appropriated for very specific purposes, what are the ways we can affirm a distinct and maybe different kind of personal autonomy? What does it mean to leave space for ambiguity, for being less certain, for not knowing the answer? In an aggressively competitive culture where raising the stakes and increasing the volume have become the dominant strategy for asserting ourselves, what does it mean to step back, be quiet, and to listen? As time and the pressure to do more seem to accelerate, how do we make the time it takes to experience what matters?
-David Shimotakahara


    July 14, 2023

    Cain Park‘s Evans Amphitheater, Cleveland, OH


    Ahna Bonnette, Madison Pineda, Teagan Reed, Victoria Rumzis, Matthew Saggiomo


    “Rene,” “Not Today,” “(La Voz) Ten Tierna,” “How Strange” and “The End” by Acid Pauli; “Uoon 1” by Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto.


    Kix (Kirsten Williams)


    Ahna Bonnette and Matthew Saggiomo


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