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Choreographed by
Antonio Brown

Floating Walls was created to explore the physical and psychological space that one encounters when surrounded and feeling surrounded by walls, both literally
and metaphorically. Throughout this process, I wanted to explore and challenge the question: “Do we have the ability to create a space for oneself and others where the walls don’t contain us?
-Antonio Brown


    April 14, 2023

    Knight Stage at Akron
    Civic Theatre, Akron, OH


    Ahna Bonnette, Madison Pineda, Teagan Reed, Victoria Rumzis, Matthew Saggiomo


    DJ Tonymonkey, Shigeto, Audun Kleive & Jan Bang, Max Roach, Jazz Drum Wizards, Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble, mixed and arranged by Antonio Brown


    Julie Ballard


    Janet Bolick

Floating Walls

Learn more about our Resident Choreographer, Antonio Brown.
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